100 Acre Wood has a great calendar of events that allow me to participate with my son. It's a great environment.
  Mike Corleone, Parent
                          Infant Care
Infant 1 Classroom            Infant 2 Classroom 
Birth to 8 months                                  8 months to 14 months
We have small class sizes in our infant rooms.The children are on their own schedule.  They receive individual attention from our caring and nurturing teachers.  It allows for the infants to feel safe and secure in their environment. Our teachers provide stimulating activities and group interactions that encourage play and socialization.  They help the children achieve developmental milestones while building personal bonds with the children.
                                    Toddler care
Toddler 1 Classroom      Toddler 2 Classroom        14 months to 2 years             2 years to 3 years

In the toddler rooms the children have a semi structured schedule allowing them to participate in scheduled activities, while all their needs are met. Toddlers learn through sensory experiences.  Our teachers balance group interaction with individual attention to help toddlers build socialization, cognitive, language, and motor skills, along with self-esteem and self-help skills. Our toddler rooms have maximum class sizes of eight.
Preschool Classroom        Pre- K Classroom
    3 years to 4 years                                4 years to 5 years

In the preschool and pre-k room the children have a structured schedule of daily activities to help prepare them for a classroom setting.  The maximum class size is 10 children for each room.  They have a different theme for each week that the teacher plans a lesson plan around.  They do science, art, math, writing, and sensory through hands on learning.  The activities are designed to combine learning and fun.

                                    School age
                      5 years to 12 years
In the school age room we have a summer program and a before and after school program.  This program provides a variety of activities that offer children a fun way to spend time with their friends while not in school.  We offer the perfect combination of fun and learning.  We have busing to Holt and Mason school district.  In the summer we have field trips planned every other week.  We have theme weeks and parties.  They do Movie days and Water days where they ride the big inflatable slide. Fun, Fun, Fun!
  *All children are placed by developmental level ages approximate